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These microbes harbor valuable traits which will help the researchers develop crop varieties with improved characteristics.

With an average of 5, genes per organism and , organisms, Bayer scientists have a vast library of over half a billion genes to choose from; each one could hold the key to unlocking greater yields for farmers. Bayer takes into account any applicable laws as to collection of environmental samples, including laws enacted by signatories to the Nagoya Protocol. When we think of an earth worm and a lion we think of two very different organisms, but when we use the evolutionary scale of the microbial community, worms and lions are actually close cousins.

In addition to diversity, Bayer scientists are trying to select for microbes that are more likely to have beneficial properties for plants. Preparing for new tests: Janelle Ciafardoni and Rakhi Singh left to right use an anaerobic tent to isolate microbes that can only survive in an oxygen-free environment. New samples arriving in Morrisville are cultured in the lab. From these cultures, new unique microbes are isolated and safely stored.

Why We Use Pesticides | Pest Control and Pesticide Safety for Consumers | US EPA

Then the hard work begins: screening for promising traits. Microbes are tested for their potential to combat insects and nematodes, inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi, degrade chemical herbicides or increase overall plant health.

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  • Potential roles for microbial endophytes in herbicide tolerance in plants.

If a microbial gene can be associated with one of these traits, that gene is then transferred into a crop such as soybeans to create a genetically modified plant with a new characteristic. Two recent innovations have accelerated the process. Eighteen months ago, Bayer researchers began sequencing the genomes of the entire collection, and at the beginning of a robot called the Automated Storage and Handling System ASH will come online to fully automate the storage, removal and preparation of microbe samples for testing — tasks that have always been done by hand in the past.

The large effort in time and resources invested in building this transformative pipeline is beginning to pay off in the speed with which new innovations can be made.

The microbial truth of how your cheese gets made

Many of the bacteria contain genes which could make crops pest-resistant or herbicide-tolerant. Now that the genomes of bacteria in the collection have been sequenced, scientists can identify new genes which are active against pests faster and with greater precision than before.

Thus, the quest for new genes is now less empirical and more driven by scientific knowledge.

Significant Public Health Problems that are Caused by Pests

New microbes for the collection: Sebastian Doerfert takes soil samples at a Bayer-owned site in North Carolina. The bacteria living in this soil will then be isolated in the laboratory. Allen J.


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Effect of pesticides on microbial communities in container aquatic habitats

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Herbicides induce gene activity

Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description This new volume brings together scientists from a variety of disciplines to present, summarize, review, and update information related to bioherbicides.