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  • VEGF Receptor Signaling in Tumor Angiogenesis;
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  • In vivo mechanisms by which tumors producing thrombospondin 1 bypass its inhibitory effects.

Fabbro, M. Cell 9 , — Bastos, R.

Control of Tumor Growth Via Inhibition of Tumor Angiogenesis | SpringerLink

Plk1 negatively regulates Cep55 recruitment to the midbody to ensure orderly abscission. Chen, C. Burkard, M. Plk1 self-organization and priming phosphorylation of HsCYK-4 at the spindle midzone regulate the onset of division in human cells.


PLoS Biol. Wolfe, B. Glotzer, M. Cytokinesis: centralspindlin moonlights as a membrane anchor. Carlton, J. Science , — Lee, H.

  1. Acknowledgements.
  2. Murrangatin suppresses angiogenesis induced by tumor cell–derive | DDDT.
  3. Plk1 overexpression induces chromosomal instability and suppresses tumor development.
  4. Industrial Brushless Servomotors.
  5. Introduction;
  6. Jechlinger, M. Regulation of transgenes in three-dimensional cultures of primary mouse mammary cells demonstrates oncogene dependence and identifies cells that survive deinduction. Genes Dev.


    Cholewa, B. The role of polo-like kinase 1 in carcinogenesis: cause or consequence? Carter, S. A signature of chromosomal instability inferred from gene expression profiles predicts clinical outcome in multiple human cancers. McKenzie, L. Cell Cycle 9 , — Watanabe, G. Combined Immunohistochemistry of PLK1, p21, and p53 for predicting TP53 status: an independent prognostic factor of breast cancer.

    Smith, M. Malignant transformation of mammalian cells initiated by constitutive expression of the polo-like kinase. Ando, K. Polo-like kinase 1 Plk1 inhibits p53 function by physical interaction and phosphorylation. Xiao, D. Polo-like kinase-1 regulates Myc stabilization and activates a feedforward circuit promoting tumor cell survival. Cell 64 , — Tang, J.

    Ectopic expression of Plk1 leads to activation of the spindle checkpoint. Cell Cycle 5 , — Plk5, a polo box domain-only protein with specific roles in neuron differentiation and glioblastoma suppression. Li, Z. Polo-like kinase 1 Plk1 overexpression enhances ionizing radiation-induced cancer formation in mice. Wu, J. Ruf, S. Autophagy 13 , — Ma, X. Polo-like kinase 1 coordinates biosynthesis during cell cycle progression by directly activating pentose phosphate pathway. Michel, L. MAD2 haplo-insufficiency causes premature anaphase and chromosome instability in mammalian cells.

    Nature , — Zhang, D. Cre-loxP-controlled periodic Aurora-A overexpression induces mitotic abnormalities and hyperplasia in mammary glands of mouse models. Oncogene 23 , — Wang, X. Overexpression of aurora kinase A in mouse mammary epithelium induces genetic instability preceding mammary tumor formation. Oncogene 25 , — Lu, L. Polo-like kinase 1 is essential for early embryonic development and tumor suppression.

    Simizu, S. Mutations in the Plk gene lead to instability of Plk protein in human tumour cell lines. Wierer, M. PLK1 signaling in breast cancer cells cooperates with estrogen receptor-dependent gene transcription. Cebrian, A. Decreased PLK1 expression denotes therapy resistance and unfavourable disease-free survival in rectal cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy. King, S. Immunohistochemical detection of Polo-like kinase-1 PLK1 in primary breast cancer is associated with TP53 mutation and poor clinical outcom.

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    Hu, K. Small interfering RNA library screen identified polo-like kinase-1 PLK1 as a potential therapeutic target for breast cancer that uniquely eliminates tumor-initiating cells. Danovi, D. A high-content small molecule screen identifies sensitivity of glioblastoma stem cells to inhibition of polo-like kinase 1.

    Dr. Bendell on Hsp90 Inhibition in Advanced Solid Tumors

    Linton, A. Cancer , — Kim, M. Identification of therapeutic targets applicable to clinical strategies in ovarian cancer. BMC Cancer 16 , Bhola, N. Kinome-wide functional screen identifies role of PLK1 in hormone-independent, ER-positive breast cancer. Wang, J. Yao, Y. Van den Bossche, J.

    Control of Tumor Growth Via Inhibition of Tumor Angiogenesis

    Spotlight on volasertib: preclinical and clinical evaluation of a promising Plk1 inhibitor. Trakala, M. Activation of the endomitotic spindle assembly checkpoint and thrombocytopenia in Plk1-deficient mice. Blood , — McGranahan, N. Clonal status of actionable driver events and the timing of mutational processes in cancer evolution.

    Rabbit immunization and Poly Abs preparation

    Dewhurst, S. Tolerance of whole-genome doubling propagates chromosomal instability and accelerates cancer genome evolution. Cancer Discov. Download references. We are indebted to Stephen Taylor for the Sgo1 antibody. The data were retrieved through dbGaP authorization accession no. Work in the R. Work in the M. Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

    Reprints and Permissions. International Journal of Cancer Genes Trends in Molecular Medicine Nano Letters Current Genetics By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines.