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The Ghost Moon had a volcanic terrain with a rocky landscape and dark, red skies. A city was constructed at the foot of an active volcano, with bridges constructed over rivers of lava.

Ghost in the Moon

Its sewage tunnels were home to dianogas. The people of Ghost Moon evacuated their city once the local volcano began erupting, leaving the city deserted and in ruins. Privacy Policy. Password recovery.

Recover your password. Sunday, September 22, Get help. Tech Explorist. Home Space Scientists confirm existence of dust 'Moon' floating around Earth.

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  3. Scientists confirm existence of dust ‘Moon’ floating around Earth.
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  5. An artist's rendition of the Kordylewski clouds at night time. A team of astronomers has just proven the existence of Kordylewski clouds decades after it was proposed by Kazimierz Kordylewski. Now researchers suggest they may finally have confirmed that this pair of dust clouds is real. The scientists detailed their findings in two studies online Sept.

    Pair of 'Ghost Moons' Found in Orbit With Earth

    The Kordylewski clouds are exceptionally faint, and whether one can see them with the naked eye or normal cameras depends heavily on the state of the weather. The scientists first developed computer models of the Kordylewski clouds to see how they formed and how light scattered off or reflected by these clouds might be detected. They focused on a feature of this scattered or reflected light called polarization.

    All light waves can ripple up and down, left and right, or at any angle in between, and scattered or reflected light is typically polarized much the same way, depending on the angle of scattering or reflection. The researchers next sought to detect the Kordylewski clouds using a digital camera at a private observatory in Hungary.

    Music | Anti-Ghost Moon Ray

    The camera was equipped with polarizing filters that only let in light with specific polarizations. Images of the purported location of a Kordylewski cloud revealed polarized light reflected from dust extending well outside the camera's field of view. This matches predictions the scientists made of how a Kordylewski cloud would look.

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