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It happens. Once your delivery is complete, you can quickly access your receipt in your email inbox or in your Instacart account. However, selecting View receipt on any of these store tabs will display a receipt for the complete order, including all stores. You're welcome to tip the shopper who delivered your order through the app or our website before or after the delivery is made.

Your tips go directly to the people who are fulfilling and delivering your order.

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Depending on your delivery area, the tips go to your personal shopper or delivery driver. You can add and change a tip amount up to 14 days after your delivery is complete. Your receipt will update accordingly. To add a tip when placing your order, click Add in the Checkout page in the Estimated order totals box. You can change this amount up to 14 days after delivery.

You can add a tip after your delivery is complete through the Receipt pop-up in your account, in your account , or via the emailed receipt statement. Clicking Rate order will take you to the tip page. Here you can set your tip by a percentage of the order total, set a custom amount, or submit none. I added a tip after delivery, but I want to change it. Can I do that? You can adjust your tip within 14 days of your completed order.

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Folllow the steps to access the Order page , above. Select View rating and adjust the tip as preferred. How is a tip different than the service fee? The service fee is not a tip and does not go directly to the shopper delivering your order. Unlike the service fee, if you choose to add a tip during online checkout, it will remain at a fixed dollar amount regardless of the final order total. For more information about the service fee, follow this link.

CVS Focuses On Palm Oil, Sustainable Packaging & Chemicals

After your delivery is complete, you can share your order rating to let us know how it went. You can give general feedback and report specific item issues. Add a star-rating through the Receipt pop-up in your app, in your account , or via the emailed receipt statement. Clicking Rate order will take you to the rating page.

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I added a rating after delivery, but I want to change it. If you would like to report order issues after submitting a rating, please contact Community Support for assistance. If you have an issue with your order items or delivery, let us know by following the Rate link in your delivery receipt. For help accessing your delivery receipt, click here.

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When rating your order, select 3 stars or fewer to report an issue. Indicate the problem and select submit. You will receive a followup from us as soon as possible. What do I do? If you choose to make a return in-store, please note that in-store returns are subject to in-store policies. Some retailers may accept your digital Instacart receipt as proof of payment.

Report a problem here. Food safety at Instacart.

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Food Safety education Our Food Safety Learning and Development package helps prepare shoppers to safely handle and transport food. Shoppers are guided to look for the freshest possible groceries when shopping for you; paying close attention to expiration dates, broken seals, and produce quality. Tracking your order in progress. Chat with your shopper. Tracking your delivery in progress.

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Receiving your delivery. During delivery, the driver will head to the address you provided when placing the order. If the delivery driver is still unable to complete delivery, Community Support may cancel the order on your behalf. Make sure your notifications are turned on. Thanks so much Bernard Lavallee. Log in to reply. Updated on TZ at TZ by kevintap.

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