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Here, language determines how the speaker conceptualizes experience , with the principle describing the process as an unconscious assumption that is subject to between-language variation. The conscious transfer of language, on the other hand, can be illustrated in the principle developed by Roger Andersen called "transfer-to-somewhere," which holds that "a language structure will be susceptible to transfer only if it is compatible with natural acquisitional principles or is perceived to have similar counterpart a somewhere to transfer to in the recipient language.

Transfer can also occur in polyglot individuals when comprehending verbal utterances or written language. If translated word for word with word order maintained, this German relative clause is equivalent to. In short, because German singular feminine and neuter articles exhibit the same inflected form for the accusative as for the nominative case, the German example is syntactically ambiguous in that either the girl or the woman may be doing the kissing.

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In the English example, both word-order rules and the test of substituting a relative pronoun with different nominative and accusative case markings e. The ambiguity of the German NNV relative clause structure becomes obvious in cases where the assignment of subject and object role is disambiguated.

The man that the woman is kissing The syntactic ambiguity of the German example also becomes obvious in the case of semantic disambiguation. For instance in Das Eis, das die Frau isst The ice cream that the woman is eating The woman that is eating the ice cream Language transfer produces distinctive forms of learner English , depending on the speaker's first language. Some examples, labeled with a blend of the names of the two languages in question, are:. These examples could be multiplied endlessly to reflect the linguistic interactions of speakers of the thousands of existing or extinct languages.

Such interference-language names are often also used informally to denote instances of code-switching , code-mixing , or borrowing using loan words. With sustained or intense contact between native and non-native speakers, the results of language transfer in the non-native speakers can extend to and affect the speech production of the native-speaking community.

For example, in North America, speakers of English whose first language is Spanish or French may have a certain influence on native English speakers' use of language when the native speakers are in the minority.

Linguistic Terminology

For details on the latter, see the map of the Hispanophone world and the list of U. The process of translation can also lead to the so-called hybrid text, which is the mixing of language either at the level of linguistic codes or at the level of cultural or historical references.

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